Korn Wallpaper The Greatest Nu Metal

korn wallpaper 2009
Fieldy - Jonathan Davis - Munky - David - Head
Korn Wallpaper
Picture When they are was young in 1994. Korn is the greatest band new rock.
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korn wallpaper 2009
Fieldy - David - Jonathan - Munky - Head
Korn Wallpaper

korn wallpaper 2009
Munky - David - Jonathan - Fieldy - Head
Korn wallpaper
Vocal : Jonathan Davis
Drummer : David Silveria
Rhythm Guitar : Brian Phillip Welch better known as 'Head'
Melody / efect
Guitar : James Christian 'Munky' Shaffer
bass guitarist : Fieldy's Dreams

korn wallpaper
Munky - Jonathan Davis - David - Fieldy
Korn Wallpaper
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